Niassa – Authentic Africa in the footsteps of Livingstone

Niassa – Authentic AfricaNiassa - the world's last genuine wildernesses as Livingston first experienced it when he pioneered his way through the African bush with his caravan of porters and tents, fighting frantic buffalo and man-eating lions...

Niassa is reminiscent of the African Garden of Eden; home of large herds of wild animals in a matching, untamed landscape... a sanctuary of game, counting most of the classic species such as lion, leopard, elephant, buffalo and rare subspecies as the unique endemic Niassa wildebeest, Boehms zebra, sable antelope and the endangered African wild dog.

This new destination can boast that more than three quarters of its land is still covered by indigenous vegetation and it is the least populated province in Mozambique. Niassa is the first mine safe province in Mozambique.

Niassa - True wilderness... to be explored. Hardly any development has taken place in this unique and original landscape leaving it an exquisite point of departure for innovative conservation. The Provincial Government has chosen - in line with national policy - to develop their pristine natural heritage into an eco-tourism destination. Leaving the untouched and letting tourism develop in a sustainable manner without encroaching on people, plants and wildlife.

A major attraction in the Province is the legendary Lake Niassa. No other freshwater lake in Africa can offer a turquoise and white coastline. Its crystal clear waters allow snorkelers and divers to explore the unique population of the colorful fish - cichlids.

The shore of the lake meanders in and out between rocky outcrops and secluded golden and white beaches, fringed by mountains and cliffs rising steeply from the lake's shore. From this unique eastern vantage point, the sunset over the lake is without comparison, as the reflection off the water amplifies the flaming African sun as it descends from the evening sky.

Niassa might be the Last true wilderness in Africa for generations to come...

Niassa might be the Last true wilderness in Africa